Reassurance over St Luke’s Church

Liverpool’s Mayor has moved to reassure people over the future of St Luke’s Church.

It follows reports that the city council has received an initial approach from an organisation with some ideas for the site.

Mayor Joe Anderson said: “St Luke’s Church is an iconic symbol for the City of Liverpool. It is something that is important to me personally as I grew up around the area and spent a lot of time around the church as a child.

“I am in no way looking to jeopardise the legacy or status of the building and everything it represents. For me and for many people in the City it is a fitting and lasting tribute to those who died in the world wars and during the blitz of Liverpool.

“The fact of the matter is, the maintenance of the building and gardens currently costs the council a lot of money but if there was a proposal that protected the integrity and status of the building it is right we should look at it. However if it is not feasible or doesn’t meet my requirements and yours then it will not happen. I can give you that assurance and promise.

“Let’s be clear, I am not selling the church to become flats or houses. I am willing to look at a proposal with an open mind and make a judgement based on the offer.

“Having no money will mean that we can no longer do as much as we would like that’s why I am open to alternatives to ensure that St Luke’s remains and will remain with us for a long time.”

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