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Statement from Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson about the Alexis Jay Report into CSE in Rotherham

In response to Liverpool City Council Chief Executive Ged Fitzgerald’s role as former Chief Executive of Rotherham Council from 2001-2003, Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said:

“Having read and fully digested the Alexis Jay Report, the events over a 15 year period are truly shocking. I am aware that Mr Fitzgerald has co-operated fully with the inquiry and has given statements to it.

“I note and am concerned that the Jay Report criticises Rotherham Council for not taking the earlier Report seriously, and will discuss these matters with Mr Fitzgerald as soon as possible. I will be seeking clarification as to whether he was aware of the Report. Further I also note that the Jay report is non specific and does not name people, I will be seeking further clarification from Alexis Jay and others at Rotherham about Mr Fitzgerald’s role.

“It is clear that there were many agencies who have failed vulnerable children in Rotherham, highlighted through the work of Alexis Jay. I join the chorus of people calling for an immediate public inquiry into the failings highlighted in this Report.

“In conclusion I want to reassure people in the City of Liverpool that child protection and safeguarding our children is of paramount importance to me and this Administration.

“We will always put our children’s safety first.”

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