Statement on West Derby Road pop-up cycle lane

Cllr Daniel Barrington, Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency, Transport and Environment, explains the future of the pop-up cycle lane on West Derby Road.

“I’ve had a number of concerns since the pop-up cycle lane on West Derby Road was first introduced. It was brought in without consultation with local residents, businesses and councillors. It has caused major congestion and has disadvantaged bus users along this route.

“When I became cabinet member for climate change, transport and environment, I ordered a review to take place on the pop-up cycle lane infrastructure, with the aim of finding a way to create cycling provision, while retaining two lanes of traffic. I have always said if that was not possible, then I would remove the cycle lane in both directions. 

“That review has not concluded, but with the opening up of the sinkhole on Prescot Road last Friday night, a decision has had to be made now. I have decided that the inbound cycle lane – heading towards the city centre – will be removed. 

“We will still look at alternative routes for cycling, but please rest assured, that I will not agree to a cycle lane being reintroduced on West Derby Road that prohibits two lanes of traffic. In particular, I want us to look at Cycle Route 5 which goes through Newsham Park and what improvements could be made there.”

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