Storage solution to waste problem


Tuebrook residents are being given help in keeping alleyways in their neighbourhood free of rubbish.
Neighbourhood Funds have been used to provide storage bins for those residents who live in roads which have four feet wide alleys at their rear

As these alleyways are too narrow to accommodate wheeled bins, the householders use bin bags. Some of these are left, before the collection day, in alleys making them more prone to vermin.

More than 100 resins have asked for the storage bins, which can be left in the yards, for waste to be stored until it is due to be collected. To date 89 house have received the bins

Councillor Carol Sung said:   “The residents really appreciate these bins. It makes life a lot easier for them to store their waste and helps keep the alleyways much cleaner and free from rubbish- and this will help deal with problems with vermin.”

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