Student accommodation review hearings to take place

Hearings are to take place to gather evidence as part of a review of student accommodation in Liverpool.

The review is looking at the suitability and viability of the current student accommodation offer in the city centre; the need for growth to meet future demand and the impact on the city centre and other affected areas of continuing to grow the accommodation.

It follows moves by developers in recent years to create large scale student flats in the city centre which are generally good quality, with a range of facilities and close to universities.

The review group – made up of councillors and representatives from each of the student, university and developer communities – will meet on the 14, 15th and 16th of July at Liverpool Town Hall and hear the views of a range of stakeholder groups.

The evidence will feed in to establishing the council’s policy on future Student Accommodation development.

Councillor Frank Hont, Cabinet Member for Housing, said, “Ensuring a supply of high quality, appropriately located homes is a priority for the City Council.

“Students make a significant contribution to our communities and this review will ensure that the Council is able to meet the needs of all interested stakeholders.”

Anyone wishing to present information to the Committee should contact development& Information can either be provided in the form of a presentation to the Committee or via written submission.

The final report and recommendations will be finalised over the summer and considered by the Cabinet.

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