Students’ lessons in recycling

A recycling campaign will target Liverpool’s student population by showing them how to restore their own furniture and transform unwanted items of clothing and jewellery.

The special workshops will give students living in the Smithdown Road area practical skills which they can use to get the most out of unwanted household items.

The 3 hour sessions take place on each Wednesday in February at the old library in Lodge Lane. They have been funded by the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority’s Community Fund and organised by the Granby Toxteth Development Trust (GTDT) as part of its Making L1578 Even Greener initiative.

Julie Aitcheson, of GTDT, said: “Students often move to the area from other local authorities and are living independently for the first time so don’t necessarily know about what can and can’t be put out for recycling.

“The workshops will pass on some of this basic knowledge and give students valuable skills which they can use to extend the life of items as diverse as old furniture and clothing which they would otherwise have thrown away.”

The Trust also hopes the sessions will play a part in helping connect some of the many communities that live locally and provide some relief from exam revision.

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority chairperson Councillor Graham Morgan said: “Liverpool has a huge population of students and they all have a role to play in helping cut the amount of waste we have to send to landfill.

“Sessions like these are a great idea, not just because they encourage recycling but because they help build a real sense of civic pride.”

The free recycling workshops take place from 1-4pm on February 4, 11, 18 and 25. Students wishing to attend can turn up on the day or contact the Granby Toxteth Development Trust on 0151 734 4925 for more information.

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