Students prepare for workplace

St Margaret’s Academy (SMA) has been preparing students for the world of work, through mock interviews with some of the UK’s biggest employers. 

Organised in conjunction with Liverpool Compact EBP, which works throughout Liverpool to deliver a range of training programmes, the event helped equip students with essential employability skills.

On the day, students from year 10 met with representatives from companies including Barclays and HMRC, having completed an application form outlining their hobbies, interests and job ideas which formed the basis of the interviews.

Students received informative and constructive feedback on the content and quality of their application form, the promotion of their personal skills and attributes, as well as their body language and verbal communication.

Debbie Kenrick, enterprise manager at Liverpool Compact EBP, says: “It is the ideal opportunity for the boys to have a one-on-one interview with someone they have not met before rather than someone they already know.”

SMA’s annual employability interviews are an essential part of the school’s learning for life programme, which aims to equip students with core life skills.

Sandra Haworth, Learning Resources Centre Manager, says: “With growing competition for the top university places and jobs it is so important that pupils are prepared for the future when they leave school, whether it be for the world of work or further education.

“Here at SMA we strive to make sure that each and every pupil reaches their full potential and is given our full and total support in achieving their goals – big or small – which is why our learning for life programme is so very important.”

Year 10 pupil, Alex Dunn, says: “I found the interview very useful to help me with future interviews I might have for sixth form, university and jobs.

“They provided me with a good guide for my future plans and they gave me good advice, all of which was done in a nice manner. It really helped my confidence.”

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