The Summer Reading Challenge is here!

Children from across Liverpool are invited to join Animal Agents as part of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge. It all starts on Saturday 22 July.

Liverpool Libraries are backing the campaign and are asking 4-11 year-olds to borrow and read any six library books during the summer holidays.

This year’s theme is Animal Agents, based on a detective agency staffed by all kinds of clever animals – furry, scaly and slippery – who are out to crack a case at the library with a little help from their friends.

To take part in the challenge, all children need to do is to head to their local library where they will be given a collector folder to keep a record of their reading journey. As children read their library books over the summer, they collect stickers which will help them crack the clues and help the Animal Agents find out what’s really been going on behind the scenes!

Tony Ross, the UK’s best-selling children’s illustrator (creator of the Little Princess books, illustrator of the Horrid Henry series by Francesca Simon, and of books by David Walliams and Claire Balding), has created this year’s exclusive artwork.

Sue Wilkinson, CEO, The Reading Agency, said: “At The Reading Agency, we believe that everything changes when we read and we know from our research how much fun families and children have when taking part in the Challenge. This year we hope the wonderful characters created for us by Tony Ross will inspire more children than ever to take part and make use of their local library throughout the summer and beyond.”

Animal Agents runs throughout the summer. The campaign finishes on 2nd September and people can find out more at their local library or on www.liverpool.gov.uk/libraries

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