Talk PANTS to prevent child abuse in Liverpool

A scheme is being launched in Liverpool aimed at encouraging parents to ‘Talk PANTS’ to keep children safe from abuse.

The National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Liverpool City Council and agencies that are part of Liverpool Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) are spreading the word to mums and dads about its Underwear Rule.

Helen Westerman, NSPCC Local Campaigns Manager, said: “Liverpool City Council, with the help of the NSPCC, has now made sure preventing child sexual abuse and exploitation is high on the agenda.

“We are launching PANTS in the area because it is about encouraging parents to have simple, open conversations with children on the topic without using scary words, or talking about sex.

“As a parent you know when it’s right to discuss a specific subject and remind children of the dangers out there. This makes that process easier.”

PANTS is an easy way for adults to explain the Underwear Rule to a child:
• Privates are private
• Always remember your body belongs to you
• No means ‘no’
• Talk about secrets that upset you
• Speak up, someone can help

The campaign, which is a joint initiative with LSCB, will be launched on Wednesday 29 June.

VIDEO: Pupils at Heygreen Primary School talk PANTS

Councillor Barry Kushner, Cabinet member for children’s services at Liverpool City Council, said: “The PANTS campaign is all about helping parents to teach their children how to stay safe and the importance of speaking up if something bad does happen.

“We think it’s a valuable addition to the work we and our partner agencies are already doing to tackle child sex exploitation.

“We know some parents find it embarrassing to talk to their children about sensitive issues like this, so the PANTS campaign will help them have conversations with their children in a really easy and straightforward way.”

For more information on PANTS, click here.


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