Taxi cab campaign

Taxis hailed!

A campaign to highlight the benefits of using hackney cabs is being backed by the Mayor of Liverpool.

The campaign is aimed at reminding local people, visitors to the city and tourists of the benefits of using hackney cabs and will feature on posters, in bus shelters and on branded taxis.

Mayor Joe Anderson said; “People should be aware of the advantages of hackney cabs. Taxis and hackneys operate at times when buses have stopped running. As one of the campaign slogans put it, “Is there a better sight when you’ve had a big night out” than seeing a taxi?

“But, of course you don’t have to pre-book a black cab, you just flag one down. Or you can use one of the ranks which are marshaled.”

“All the hackney carriage drivers are individually licensed having undergone stringent tests. For visitors to the city and tourists the drivers can be our best ambassadors – many of them have an unrivalled knowledge of the city.

“These taxis are one of our best assets and we should make the greatest use of them. I am delighted to support this campaign.”

And Councillor Steve Munby, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said: “All forms of public transport are valuable to the city but this campaign is pointing out the benefits of hackney cabs which can sometimes take for granted.”

Terry Stockton, spokesperson for Liverpool’s Hackney cabs said: “We are very pleased that the Mayor is backing this campaign It draws attention to the benefits of black cabs and the vital services they provide to the city of Liverpool.”

Pictured are Councillor Munby (second from right) with licensing officer Stuart Seeley and taxi trade representatives Mark Quinn and Terry Stockton.

Liverpool Waterfront