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Teenage pregnancy rate down 38 percent since 1998

Teenage pregnancy rates in Liverpool have fallen again.

Data released by Public Health England (PHE) shows there were 278 conceptions in under 18s in 2012, down from 312 in 2011.

It is is a 38 percent reduction compared to when data was first collected in 1998.

Dr Paula Grey, Liverpool’s Director of Public Health, said: “These latest figures are welcome but it is important we continue to work with community, outreach and support organisations to make sure our young people are educated to make informed choices around safe sex and contraception.

“We will also continue to work closely with young parents to make sure that they receive the necessary support to reach their potential, by continuing or returning to their education or getting into employment or training.”

Professor Kevin Fenton, PHE Health and Wellbeing Director, said: “Today’s data show us high conception rates are not inevitable, if young people receive the right support. Teenage pregnancy and early motherhood can be associated with poor educational achievement, poor physical and mental health, social isolation and poverty, so it is vital this downward trend is continued.

“PHE is committed to supporting local government and partners to further reduce under 18 and under 16 conceptions, and provide support for young parents, as an important route to tackling inequalities, reducing child poverty and improving public health.”

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