Matt Ashton at testing site

Thank you for getting tested!

As the first three days of community Covid-19 testing draws to a close, Liverpool City Council is thanking people who have embraced the initiative so far.

Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health, said: “A huge thank you to everyone who turned out for the testing in the first three days, doing it for their families and our city.

“This has never been tried before in the UK and it could be a game-changing moment for our city.

“We very much appreciate people wanting to be involved and would like to thank them for their enthusiasm, and their patience and understanding if they encountered any issues.

“There has been a huge amount of learning so far. Close and careful analysis of what we have found so far is under way, and we will have more to say on this in the next day or so.

“If you haven’t had a test yet, please book one at or by calling 119.”

More information about the mass testing programme can be found here.

Liverpool Waterfront