The 20 Effect, Area Benefits

Nestled in between both the Anglican and Metropolitan Cathedrals, just off Hope Street, lies the idyllic Faulkner Street.

The area is home to some of Liverpool’s most popular restaurants and grandest buildings; it’s a real suntrap in the summer and subsequently sees a lot of passing trade. Residents and visitors can now rest easy in the knowledge that no more cars will be speeding past thanks to the new 20mph speed limits.

The 20 Effect’s first phase of 20mph signage is now complete; with the last signs having gone up around the Faulkner Street area in the city centre. The initiative is run by Liverpool City Council and sets out to reduce the speed limits to 20mph on residential roads. The Faulkner Street area signage is the final part of the work done in the initial area and has already seen the benefits affect business owners, pedestrians and children in the area.

The aim of The 20 Effect is to increase the number of residential roads around the city with a maximum of 20mph. So far it has received a positive response from all sections of the community and supporters of the campaign are actively promoting the benefits of these reduced road speeds. The campaign looks to garner the support of the public through education, awareness raising and influencing behaviour change.

It is hoped that implementation of 20 mph speed limits will see a rise in footfall in residential areas, subsequently having an impact on businesses like those in the Falkner Street area. Businesses and restaurants can feel safe to open their shop fronts to show the positive results of the speed reforms and encourage their own footfall. Restaurants such as The Quarter that have outdoor seating can now have increased confidence that their customers will be safer on their premises.

Gary Manning, owner of The 60 Group said;”It’s great that the City Council and The 20 Effect are making our residential roads safer. We have a lot of customers who prefer to sit outside in the sun and this campaign has made it safer for them to do so. I’m sure we’ll see a rise in custom from it, especially while the weather is still warm.”

Further to the positive impact the speed limits have had on the restaurants in the area; Blackburne House is also situated on Faulkner Street, which is home to a nursery. With children in the area, the slower speed limits have made it safer for them to cross the road; and also for the parents who pick them up and drop them off.

Debi Harnick, Joint Nursery Manager at Blackburne House said;”It is great to see the new speed limits put in place near the nursery. We’re in a great part of the city, in an incredible building; the new speed limits make the area a lot safer – not only for the children but also their parents and our staff.”

The 20 Effect is a campaign run by Liverpool City Council in partnership with Merseyside Police and the Fire Service; created to influence behaviour change around proposed reduced speed limits on residential roads.

Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, Councillor Tim Moore, said;”The 20 Effect has been put in place to help make Liverpoola safer place to live, work and play. The signage we have introduced in this first areais doing exactly that. Faulkner Street is a great area to relax; knowing that cars are no longer able to speed up and down it will certainly make it even more attractive for people – and a safer environment for customers means a boost for businesses.”

Everyone can show their support by ‘liking’ the campaign on Facebook or ‘following’ the campaign on Twitter, and most importantly; by driving at 20mph on residential roads.

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