The Amazing Spider…mower

Mechanised robo-mower puts council on the ‘verge’ of success

WHEN it comes to state-of-the-art technology, this piece of kit is a cut above the rest.

A fully automated mowing machine that can tackle grass verges and hedgerows in some of Liverpool’s most difficult to reach places.

It improves safety and could even help to reduce traffic congestion. And the real beauty is, it’s helping to save time and money.

It’s Liverpool City Council’s new robo-mower and it’s the future of ‘lawn’ enforcement.

Called The Spider, the mower has been specifically designed to get to those grassy areas on the sides of busy roads and in the middle of the carriageway which often prove problematic for traditional cutters.

Powered by a remote control console, it allows the operator to supervise the work from a safe distance. It also means that verges can be cut in less time and without any potential disruption to the traffic.

Officers from Liverpool Streetscene Services Ltd (LSSL) – the council’s grounds maintenance and street cleaning company, actually had a hand in designing this mowing Metal Mickey.

Dave Humphries from LSSL explains: “Some of the grass verges and embankments in Liverpool are at a steep angle making them difficult to cut with a traditional mower because of safety concerns. When we first saw The Spider we were really interested but after trialling it we found it still couldn’t reach some of the places we needed to.”

“We passed these comments on to the manufacturer, they made some modifications and produced a new version. When we saw it we knew it was perfect for our needs.”


 The new Spider has undergone further extensive trials at venues across the city and has passed with flying colours.

Dave added: “To cut these difficult to reach places in the past we would be very time consuming and an ongoing cost to the council. In some instances the operation could be so complicated that we would have to close a lane in the road which could lead to traffic congestion. Now all it needs is The Spider and operator so it is helping to reduce costs, minimising disruption and getting the job done faster.”

The Spider is now in active service around the city and the LSSL team believe it has already saved the council thousands of pounds.

Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, Cllr James Noakes said: “This new piece of machinery will help us to provide a better service for our residents and help us to save money in the long-run.”

“We take pride in our city and it deserves to look its best. Now we can get to overgrown verges and shrubs faster and deal with them quickly and safely.”

“It’s a great piece of kit that’s helping to keep Liverpool a cut above the rest.”

Photo: LSSL Spider operator Steve Carr with Liverpool City Council Cabinet Member for the Environment Cllr James Noakes.

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