The Reluctant Entrepreneur

One of the world’s leading enterprise experts based in Liverpool England is spreading a Christmas message with a difference – encouraging would-be entrepreneurs to turn their business dreams into reality.  

He is releasing his new book on Small Business Saturday which promotes small businesses at Christmas time.

“The Reluctant Entrepreneur” by David Gibson is a fictional tale which follows the story of Clark, who loses his job at Christmas. With the help of his ‘Uncle Dave’, an entrepreneurship guru, Clark uses his entrepreneurial skills to turn his fortunes around and help others during this normally festive period.

David, from The Centre for Entrepreneurship at LJMU is one of the world’s leading enterprise educators. As Head of Entrepreneurship Education, he has won International awards for his pioneering model of enterprise education, including the only OBE ever awarded for work in this area.

David said: “The Reluctant Entrepreneur” is aimed at anyone who wants to make a change in their business, career or personal development. The story is deliberately set at Christmas time. This is the ideal time for people to take stock, put their difficulties behind them and realise that anything is possible. So this Christmas, get hunting for the business opportunity in your life and have an enterprising new year !!.

“The economic downturn is affecting people from all walks of life. Perhaps you thought you were in a job for life, but now you are facing redundancy. Maybe you are a young person or a graduate finding it difficult to get a foot on the career ladder, or a business owner trying hard to make ends meet.

“While it might be tempting to bury your head in the sand and hope that everything will be ok, the best thing you can do is to look for the opportunities in your own situation and make things happen. In other words, find your inner entrepreneur.”

“Being entrepreneurial is not necessarily about making millions; instead it is about having a mindset which is geared towards making a contribution, and the skills to turn opportunity into reality. This is what we teach our students at  Liverpool John Moores University.”

David wrote the story to help a young graduate to turn his career around and start his own business. 

Endorsed by entrepreneur and former Lord Mayor of Liverpool Councillor Gary Millar and now Mayor Anderson’s senior business lead said “Liverpool is the most entrepreneurial, hardworking and creative city I know but everyone of us needs a bit of support and direction to realise it. Hopefully Professor Gibson’s book might inspire that next startup.”

“I congratulate Professor Gibson for all his work at LJMU (my former university) where he inspires his team and his students to achieve their goals and dreams.”

Gary adds” I love seeing first hand every day the dreams, drive and passion we all have going that extra mile without forgetting our roots or those around us.”

“So, when David said he wanted to give the money from the book sales to a charity I’m pleased David agreed to my suggestion to give it to homeless charity The Whitechapel Centre.”

“The Reluctant Entrepreneur” is available to download (£7) from

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