This Is Not What It Was Meant to Be by Dorcas Seb

2020 cancelled
20’s a shambles
For the 20’s
And the Gen Z’s
Where the 4 walls have become my new friends
Where the 4 walls know me more than my real friends
Where screens have become the fourth walls, like Facebook
I, like Beech tree
Have longed for the nature of nurture longing for my branches to reach out ,
Embrace a neighbour
These branches resent the screens that have replaced our affections of old
Each swipe, tap, type
Each effort to display digital rays of comfort and joy
Dear friends,
My separation from you has left me parched like unharvested land in deserts.
Dear plans,
We were forced to let you go
But still willing to do so
A sacrifice for the nations
Dreams on pause,
on Amber,
stuck in traffic: our dreams… delayed.
Eager eyes fixate themselves on the stoplight,
Waiting for the greenlight,
Ready, to pack out bags and board our flights
Get me – out of here
This groundhog type of nightmare
This is not what we imagined
Back in 2019
When our voices stood shoulder to shoulder
Counting down the numbers
10, 9, 8
Seconds anticipating what was to come
Remember it?
When voices could meet with glee
In close proximity
Remember it?

Before we lost track of time
Waiting for platforms and policies
23, this is not how it was meant to be
23, this is not what it was supposed to look like
New years are for new chances to reset the clock
New year, new time
But this time we lost time
And lost lives
I can’t lie man,
If I knew then what I know now
I would fly over nations, swim through oceans, hike up mountains
Just to hold onto the pulse of my lost one
What is time but a measure of life?
What is life when all your time is gone?
If my time in this life has taught me anything
It’s to be thankful for the time we’ve got
But still anxiety rises and crashes down like stormy seas
You see, tomorrows never promised
But my father tells be still and know he’s in control
That’s word on the street word within my soul
Back then we’d have said roll on 2020
Before we knew the tolls of 2020
Where the vanity in reliance in man’s intel
Only caused shortfalls
The futility of hope in man
Has never had as much clarity as now
Talk about 2020 vision
We watched the year swoope in,
Gate crashin’ paegents
Tearing of sashes that wrote
Mr + Miss Independent
What used to be just fragments of lies was magnified
Cuttin in skin deep, we’ve began to remember what matters…
Amplified are the groans of creation,
The children await adoption in Zion
But still the suffering goes on,
Diluting every last ounce of optimism for the lost ones
I switched my 2020 vision to view across
The solid rock, a refuge at Calvary
That takes me in and fathers me
Knowing at this place, this place
Time, will no longer feel like the enemy.

Liverpool Waterfront