Volunteers give cafe a new look

Volunteers from local businesses have got to work to give a building which had become an eyesore a fresh look.

The café at Otterspool , which has been empty for some time ,had become a target for graffiti.

An appeal went out to local firms to paint it. It was answered by B & M warehouse in Speke, who supplied all the paint and equipment .10 volunteers from B& M worked throughout a day to paint the cafe.

They were joined by Shelley Whitmore, community champion form Tesco’s in Park Road. The supermarkets supplied refreshment and lunch

Glendales loaned sweeping brushes and collected waste.

Local Councillor Patrick Hurley said: “The café was covered in graffiti and had become a real eyesore. Not only was it important that the work was done so local people don’t have to view it but this is an area which  will have many visitors and it gave an appalling image of the city.

“It is very encouraging that local firms are getting involved in community projects and are showing pride in the city and we would like to thank all those volunteers who did a great job.”


Liverpool Waterfront