Vulnerable residents receive winter packs


Some of Liverpool’s most vulnerable residents are receiving  support packs this winter.

Liverpool Community Health (LCH) NHS Trust is partnering with Local Solutions to deliver  the packs. Health teams from across the Trust are being asked to identify patients in the community who would benefit from receiving a winter pack in preparation for the coming cold snap, including elderly or isolated patients, those on low incomes, those with poor mobility or long-term health conditions.
The collation of the winter packs was coordinated by Local Solutions and a range of community volunteers during a mass packing day which took place on Wednesday 19 November and was officially opened with support from the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Erica Kemp; Marie Crofts, Deputy Director of Nursing for Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust; and Councillor Gerard Woodhouse, Mayoral Lead for Older People.
It’s estimated that around 750 vulnerable adults and families across the city will benefit from receiving a pack this year, and over the coming weeks staff will be delivering them to patients during home visits.
Each pack contains a range of basic winter supplies including gloves, hats, socks and scarves, tea and coffee, basic food rations, warm blankets, toiletries, and information about free health services and equipment available to local residents that may assist them with living independently, and keeping safe and warm.
The packs have been funded entirely through donations from a range of local agencies including Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust, Local Solutions, Liverpool Housing Trust, Plus Dane, Liverpool Mutual Homes, Your Housing Group, Nugent Care, Regenda, Riverside, Home Carers, Whitechapel, and Beacon Counselling Trust.
Dianne Singleton, Lead Nurse for Older People at Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust explains:”Cold weather greatly increases the risk of people falling ill, particularly those with existing health conditions and older people who can be left socially isolated by the poor weather and are often more vulnerable to slips, falls and serious illnesses over winter.”
“The Winter Assistance Packs will provide much needed additional support to some of the most vulnerable members of our local communities, helping them to remain healthy, warm and safe over the very cold winter period.” 
Pictured ( l to r): Marie Crofts, Deputy Director of Nursing; Dianne Singleton, Older People’s Lead Nurse; with LCH team members

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