Warm welcome for people in need

People living in poverty are being helped to stay warm this winter – thanks to a scheme to reuse seized counterfeit clothing and bedding.

Goods, confiscated by Trading Standards officers, have the fake labels removed and are rebranded by the charity, His Church.  

Now rebranded clothes and footwear are to be distributed to people in need in the Lodge Lane area to help them cope with the winter months.

Advocates from the Healthy Homes team, who have been carrying out home safety and wellbeing surveys in the area have raised concerns about the safety of some residents living in extreme poverty including those who are not eligible to claim benefits.

With rising fuel costs there are fears over some residents’ ability to stay warm during cold weather.

So to ensure that those at risk at least have adequate clothing and footwear Healthy Homes, His Church and Harthill Youth Service have arranged for rebranded items to be handed out. Items donated in response to an appeal from Healthy Homes and Harthill Youth centre will also be available.

This will take place on 21 November (2 – 4pm) at the United Reformed Church, Earle Road. Safety and health information and advice will also be given.

People from the Lodge Lane area are invited to attend the event.       

Local Councillor Tim Beaumont said:  “As we face winter, the hard work of the Healthy Homes team is needed more than ever. The community support work they’re planning along with Trading Standards and the team at Harthill Youth Centre will help families stay warm and safe.”

Pictured: An example of the rebranded clothes.

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