Warning on fake IDs

Parents of young people have been warned about the consequences of them using fake ID to get access to clubs and bars.

The warning, from Liverpool Council’s Alcohol and Tobacco Unit comes after 150 ID cards have been confiscated in the city centre in the past few months. These include fake driving licences, passports and PASS cards as well as altered passports and driving licences.

All bars in city have received training to identify fake ID cards and door staff use UV light scanners so they can weed out false documents.

Councillor Emily Spurrell, Mayoral lead for community safety, said: “We know that in the Christmas season some underage people will try to get into clubs and bars but they need to be aware that there are severe consequences if they do so.  They can be prosecuted for using a fake ID.

“And we are asking parents to make sure their teenagers know that using fake IDs is a serious issue. They have to let them know that it is simply not worth risking getting a criminal record for a Christmas night out.  

“And they need to tell them If you try to get into a club or bar with an altered driving licence, passport or other fake ID you will be caught – so don’t risk it.”

Offences for using false IDs are

• Identity Cards Act 2006/ Identity Cards Bill – Possession of a Passport or Driving Licence which doesn’t belong to you
• Fraud Act 2006 – Possession of Counterfeit ID
• Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981 – use of counterfeit ID


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