Warning to bike riders

seized dirt bikeDirt bike riders have been warned they risk having their machines seized if they ride on them in a Wavertree park.

Residents in the Picton area complained about dirt bikes on Botanic Park causing a nuisance and deterring people from using the park.

Local councillors asked CitySafe to keep a look out during their parks patrols. Earlier this month they confiscated a dirt bike on Botanic Park after it was abandoned by its rider.

Councillor Tim Beaumont said “Residents are fed up with the noise, nuisance and danger these bikes can cause. It’s great to get one of them off the streets.

“If anyone has any information about dirt bikes or quad bikes causing problems then they should get in touch with CitySafe on 0151 233 3000 – especially if you know where one is being stored.”



Pictured: Picton councillors Nathalie Nicholas, Tim Beaumont and Abdul Qadir with the seized bike.


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