Waste recycling centre plan

A  plan for the development of an urgently needed new Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) in Liverpool has been unveiled.

A site on Cheadle Avenue, Old Swan in Liverpool, has been identified as a possible location for the new facility, and it could become only the second facility of its kind in Liverpool – along with Otterspool HWRC – helping to boost the region’s recycling rates.

Councillor Steve Munby, city council cabinet member for living environment and localism, said: “This is great news. We need to increase significantly the amount we recycle in the city both for environmental and financial reasons. We cannot sustain the present position of burying about three quarters of our waste in the ground. Having a new  centre in the city will make it easier for residents to recycle and cut the number of journeys to Otterspool. However, we will be carrying out public consultation, along with MWRA, before any final decision is made.”

Councillor Graham Morgan, Chairperson of Mersesyide Recycling and Waste Authority( MRWA) said: “There is currently only one other Recycling Centre in Liverpool – this situation has to improve. By providing this facility for the local community it will not only help increase the city’s recycling rates, but will also relieve the pressure on our Otterspool HWRC which in turn will help increase its efficiency. Liverpool desperately needs more recycling facilities if it is to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.”

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, said:”Having another recycling centre in the city has been a priority  so I am very pleased that there has been progress in this direction. We need to increase the amount we recycle and a second centre will make a big difference.”

Carl Beer, MRWA Chief Executive said: “Liverpool currently only has one Recycling Centre – this is something both ourselves and Liverpool City Council are keen to improve. The new site will provide modern – and badly needed – facilities to help people in the City recycle much more easily. The planned new Recycling Centre will be an important new local resource for people in Liverpool, and is similar to the successful new facilities that we operate in Kirkby and Huyton.”

The new facility will be able to recycle a wide range of materials, including: car batteries, cardboard, engine oil, garden waste, paper, furniture, rubble, scrap metal, textiles, drinks cans, timber, glass and soil. Subject to public consultation and planning approval it will become only the second facility of its kind in Liverpool, along with Otterspool HWRC.

Carl Beer continues: “We’re currently consulting with the local community as we know that local residents and businesses may have questions about the development of the site and how it will operate. Liverpool City Council will also consult with the public as part of the statutory planning process before deciding on the planning permission which will be submitted in January 2014. If successful, we’re hopeful that construction of the new HWRC will start in summer 2014, with the Centre opening later in the year. “

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