Liverpool and Manchester to work together


The leaders of the Liverpool and Manchester City Regions have confirmed their intention to build a powerful new working partnership in response to the challenges of last month’s Brexit vote and to ensure the Northern Powerhouse remains a key Government commitment.

“It’s vitally important that Government negotiate a settlement which gives the best possible deal for cities, especially those in the North,” says Mayor Joe Anderson of Liverpool.

He added: “Our people and our businesses in the Liverpool City Region are very concerned about how this could affect them and we need to give them leadership in this difficult time.”

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Tony Lloyd, agreed: “Brexit has created lots of threats for our successful business in Greater Manchester, such as our financial sector, and we need to make sure that Government remembers to negotiate a settlement which is as good for jobs and peoples here, as it is for the City of London.”

Tony Lloyd added: “Liverpool City Region and Greater Manchester have great histories and together were the economic powerhouse of the world. Both cities have made great progress recently, creating jobs and great new places to visit and enjoy, and we can’t put this progress at risk with poor negotiations with the EU.”

Joe Anderson said: “Whatever happens, it’s important that we work together to provide the leadership our regions need. Business and people alike are worried about the future, and we are both giving commitments on behalf of our greater areas to be welcoming cities with a focus on industry and respect. That includes working people who expect pay and conditions not to be undermined by leaving the European Union.”

Both City Regions will meet in the near future to decide the content of a concordat to be signed by both Combined Authorities.

Liverpool Waterfront