Workplaces to get more active

A new programme has been launched to help Liverpool workplaces encourage their staff to be more active, in response to figures that show the cost of physical inactivity to Liverpool’s economy is in excess of £10m each year.

The new programme, called Liverpool Active Workplaces, provides Liverpool based employers with straightforward, practical support to enable their staff to be more active, before, during and after work. Research shows that sitting for prolonged periods increases the risk of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and cancers.  With national research showing that 63% of adults in the city are currently inactive, and a common belief that a sedentary lifestyle is normal, health and physical activity partners in Liverpool are taking action.

The Liverpool Active Workplaces programme is being offered to businesses across the city, providing free practical advice, staff training, resources to trial workplace activities and a Liverpool-wide step challenge in January 2017 to encourage staff to be more active.

The programme is a key part of the Liverpool Active City Strategy 2014-21, which is resourced through a partnership between Liverpool City Council, NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group and strategic stakeholders with the aim of inspiring people who live or work in the city to be more physically active. The Strategy sets out the vision for Liverpool to be the most active core city in England by 2021.

Liverpool Active Workplaces aims to inspire people working in the city to increase their physical activity by promoting the Fit for Me campaign ( which promotes the benefits of physical activity, supporting people to take small steps to being more active and by making it as easy and fun as possible for them to join in and feel good.

Sandra Davies, Director of Public Health from Liverpool City Council, said, “We need to encourage workers to be more active in order to counteract the effects of sedentary behaviour at work. As adults spend up to 60% of their waking hours in the workplace, this programme presents an excellent opportunity for Liverpool employers to send a positive message out to their workforce to be more active.”

Richard Daly, Director of Business Development from Liverpool & Sefton Chambers of Commerce, said, “Employers should do everything that they can to encourage their employees to lead an active lifestyle, and research also shows that introducing workplace activity initiatives can reduce absenteeism by up to 20%. We’d encourage small and large organisations from across Liverpool to sign up to this programme to help improve their productivity.”

Jean Stephens, Director of Merseyside Sports Partnership, said, “Liverpool Active Workplaces will make it easier for organisations across the city to encourage their staff to be more active.  Employers we currently work with tell us that our support has enabled them to reduce their absenteeism levels and improve staff health, morale and teamwork.”

Any Liverpool based organisation can sign up to join the Liverpool Active Workplaces programme today by visiting Alternatively, for further information about the initiative please contact Danny Woodworth (Merseyside Sports Partnership) on or 077300 28773.

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