Workshop planning for Holocaust Memorial Day


A workshop is to be held for people who are organising activities to mark Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) in 2017.

Holocaust Memorial Day (27 January 2017) remembers the millions of people who died under Nazi persecution and in the subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

Survivors of these regimes are honoured and we are challenged to use the lessons of their experiences to inform our lives today. The theme of HMD 2017 is “How can Life Go On?”

The workshop, at the Merseytravel Head Office in Mann Island, on Friday 21 October (1-4pm), is aimed at both existing and new organisers of activities. Louise Ellman MP will open the event.

Rhys Prosser, Outreach Officer, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust said: “Our workshops support people to organise commemorative activities for Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January 2017.

“People coming to our Liverpool workshop will have an opportunity to meet the staff team and our Regional Support Worker, and will hear about the importance of Holocaust Memorial Day in Liverpool and the North West region. There will be the chance to network with other local activity organisers and to hear about the free support and resources on offer.”

Liverpool City Councillor Jeremy Wolfson, said: “As every year goes by the messages of Holocaust Memorial Day grow more and more relevant to our society and there has been an increasing number of activities.

“This workshop will be an extremely helpful way for people who are involved in staging HMD activities to exchange ideas with other organisers and to find out what support is available to them.”

Norman Hunter, Merseylearn Project Worker and Unison Union Learning representative, who coordinates HMD within Merseytravel and the Merseytravel Unison Branch, said: “Merseytravel supports Holocaust Memorial Day for a number of different reasons. As a transport organisation we are very much aware of our obligation to tackle hate crime. From HMD we can all learn lessons from the past about challenging discrimination and the language of hatred and exclusion.

“Merseytravel Unison branch felt that some of our younger members did not really understand the magnitude of the Holocaust, as it is almost ancient history to them.”

Mandy Penellum, North West Regional Support Worker, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust said: “We are very grateful to Cllr Wolfson, Norman Hunter and Merseytravel for all their help and support in hosting our North West regional workshop.

“More than 700 events and activities were held in the North West for HMD 2016, organised by many sectors including local authorities, trade unions, emergency services, prisons, museums, schools, colleges and universities, faith and interfaith groups, libraries, cinemas and arts organisations, LGBT organisations, charities, community groups, individuals and others.

“The variety of different types of events and activities was huge – exhibitions, film screenings, poster displays, civic events, reading events, talks, creative activities, food and culture sharing activities, writing blogs, music events, school lessons and assemblies, and holding times of quiet reflection and prayer were just some of the ways in which people commemorated HMD 2016, and the workshop will offer the opportunity to hear more about this.

“Also at the workshop people will learn more about the HMD 2017 theme ‘How can life go on?’ and about the free resources we produce to help organisers mark HMD.

“The workshop is free to attend, and if you would like to book a place, or if you’re planning an activity for HMD 2017 and there’s any support I can offer, please don’t hesitate to contact me, e-mail


Further information is also available from Rhys Prosser at and you can register for free tickets for the workshop at


Pictured are the HMD Workshop organisers: Norman Hunter, Merseylearn, Mandy Penellum, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and Councillor Jeremy Wolfson.


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