Austin Rawlinson Lifestyles closing for urgent work

Austin Rawlinson Lifestyles Centre in Speke will be closed from Monday 24 June for a three month programme of urgent work.

The city council is investing around a quarter of a million pounds in the facility after recent surveys identified issues with:

• Electric distribution boards and main board
• Emergency lighting
• Ventilation systems
• Pool pumps
• Boiler systems
• Water heaters

Due to the age of the building, the work will also include the safe and careful removal of asbestos which is contained inside materials such as ceilings and light fittings, and only presents a risk when disturbed.

Lifestyles members who use the centre will receive a three month freeze on their fees from the date of closure, and work is underway to try and relocate user groups to other facilities. The nearest centre is Lifestyles Garston.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said: “I completely understand that the closure is really frustrating for the people who love using it, but we wouldn’t be carrying out this work unless it was absolutely necessary. Due to the nature of the work being carried out we simply can’t allow any part of it to remain open.

“Austin Rawlinson is well-used and highly regarded by the local community, and we are committed to getting this essential work carried out as quickly as possible to keep the period of time it is shut for to an absolute minimum.

“We will keep people informed of progress and if there is any change or delay we will let them know.

“The investment we are making demonstrates our commitment to continuing to provide a council-run leisure facility for the people of Speke.”

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