Could you adopt siblings?

Over 50 per cent of children waiting for loving families on Merseyside are part of a sibling group.

Adoption in Merseyside is struggling to find suitable families for siblings.

There is a range of things to consider when it comes to adopting siblings, this includes having the space to accommodate more than one child and also meeting their needs.

Craig Brougham, Family Finding manager at Adoption in Merseyside, said: “We try and keep siblings together where possible.

“Our adopted children may have experienced trauma and neglect, but keeping siblings together means they can support each other as they grow up.”

Adopting siblings that have gone through the same experience will provide safety and a sense of identity as they grow older. Siblings will likely have the most constant relationship with each other throughout their lifetime.

Andrew and Helen, who adopted twin girls said: “It’s been the hardest thing we have ever done, but the most magical. We love them so much and we are creating so many family memories.

“We’ve seen so many first moments, which they should have had previously but were not able to reach.”

Prospective adopters only need to go through the process once if they want to adopt siblings. This means it creates that family unit quicker and usually makes the matching process easier.

Andrew said: “The process was intense, I found it hard as I had to explain about my childhood and life experiences. Helen found it a lot easier than me. I totally understand the reasons why now, as our girls need constant love and attention to ensure they feel secure.”

Eleven sibling groups were placed for adoption last year by Adoption in Merseyside. However, there are still lots of children needing loving and stable homes.

If you feel like you could provide a loving home, visit and request an information pack

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