Otterspool Promamade
Otterspool Promamade

Liverpool is looking blooming marvellous right now

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Liverpool has been through a wildflower revolution in recent years and if months of successive lockdowns have taught us anything, it’s that the first blooms of spring, or a rainbow of wildflowers on a hazy summer’s day can be a real balm in bewildering times. A year of being cooped up indoors has turned us all into a bunch of nature fanatics, and the seasons various crops of wildflowers have been brilliant eye-popping distractions throughout the turbulence. 

We thought we would highlight a small selection of places in the city where the wildflower is looking particularly fabulous right now.

Everton Park

Otterspool Promenade

Wavertree Playground (The Mystery)

Sefton Park Meadows

Princes Park

Thirlmere Park

Croxteth Hall and Country Park

Walton Hall Park

Summer wildflowers may be gorgeous, but you still need to respect the land they’re on; don’t pick them, and stick to paths, roads and trails rather than wading in knee-high. It’s sometimes best to watch the extravaganza from a distance to experience the full joy of glowing flowers, happy bees and summer sunshine.

One of our 10 Pandemic Pledges to help the people of Liverpool thrive over the next year is ‘The Great Outdoors‘.

We want a cleaner and greener Liverpool, so in the next 3 years will be spending up to £10 million making the city greener by investing in parks, green spaces and other areas to play and exercise in.

Investing in green space, trees, and protecting wildlife is vital in our efforts to tackle the impacts of climate change.

Lockdown has shown just how much we love and need our beautiful green spaces and clean air, so over the next year we will show our commitment to carbon reduction by 2030 through action, not talk. Visit to learn more.

Liverpool Waterfront