New heights in safety

COUNCIL officers have teamed up with the city’s firefighters to make sure that residents living in high-rise buildings are safe, secure and reassured.

The safety conscious team are targeting residents who live in flats across the city as part of a High Rise Reassurance campaign.

Created as part of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS) response to the Grenfell Tower fire, the campaign sees members of the council’s landlord licensing team and MFRS staff visiting high-rise buildings to undertake a comprehensive review of the fire safety measures present in the building.

Fire crews conduct a site specific risk information gathering process, which identifies the main hazards present in the building. This information is then uploaded to a central system so that every attending fire engine can access this information. They perform a functional test on the rising main. This test ensures that water can be delivered to all floors of the building in case of fire.

They knock on every door in the building to offer a free Home Fire Safety Check (HFSC).The HFSC offers advice and reassurance to residents on fire safety in the home and installation of smoke alarms, if needed. The crews work in tandem with MFRS to complete a high rise safety checklist and examine the fire protection measures in the building that exist to protect both residents and firefighters in case of fire.

Compliance officers from Liverpool City Council’s Landlord Licensing department visit and speak with individual residents of licensed properties to ensure that their homes are compliant with the conditions of the licence and they are aware of their rights as tenants.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Station Manager Chris Parrington said the aim of the campaign is to ensure safer buildings, safer community and safety of firefighters.

“Our officers go through a strict set of checks to ensure these buildings are as safe as possible,” said Chris. “It is important because it reassures the residents that all the checks have been done and it also allows us to become familiar with the building and its safety features should we ever need to attend in an emergency.”

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